Helping Local Businesses

During this time of uncertainty, would like to help in whatever way we can.

Could your business offer some kind of delivery service?  With everyone being isolated, many may still need or want your offerings. All you need to do this is be able to offer delivery to the doorstep and accept online payments via PayPal.

Free eCommerce websites

So, here’s what I’m offering – if you’re a small local business, will make you a simple website with eCommerce capability that is yours to use while the crisis lasts. 

 You won’t need a domain name as people will reach your online shop with something like You can then put that address out there on social media or whatever and encourage people to use it. The website won’t be very fancy but it’ll do the trick and It’s best to offer bundles rather than try to list all your products.   Since people are looking for ways to get goods while staying away from shops, it could be a lifesaver for you and help keep some money coming in.

If this is something you’d like to try there’s no cost to you.  All I need is a list of the bundles or products you’d like to sell along with the price and a few basic contact details and we’ll do the rest for you, free.

You should be aware that PayPal charges an average fee of around 5% on transactions so you may need to adjust your prices accordingly, perhaps also to cover home delivery.  We can include a cash on delivery option but there are obvious risks attached with handling money – up to you though.

Contact and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

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